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Our First Symposium…

Summer 2008 Writing Educator’s Symposium

Monday through Thursday, July 28-31, 2008

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Today the Writing Educator’s Symposium got off to a great start as attendees and speakers all arrived in Murrieta from around the globe. Kicking off the conference was Andrew Pudewa’s opening session, “What Are We Really Doing Here?”, in which he explained the roots and the vision of the Excellence in Writing program. Essentially, we are not simply teaching writing; we are teaching thinking. This being the case, our impact as writing educators extends far beyond the essay – it touches the minds and lives of our students, as well as the societies in which they live. In a culture where our youth are growing increasingly less thoughtful, the impact of the writing educator is critical.

This week, we have the opportunity to improve as educators by hearing from experienced teachers who have crafted methods to engage students in meaningful thought as they develop skillful writing technique. Check back for updates on the exciting things we’re learning…


Each day at Writing Educator’s Symposium is packed full with excellent presentations, panels, and discussions. Between the three helpful tracks of sessions, attendees are often wishing they could be in more than just one classroom at once!

Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of the activity.

Mrs. Anna Ingham kicks off Tuesday morning with her talk on the Genesis of Blended Sight-Sound.

Janet Spitler presents her methods on marking and grading.

Tuesday’s round table discussion topics included TESOL, teaching writing to students with special learning needs, classroom management, IEW’s Classroom and Schools Consultant services, the new IEW Instructor Certification Program, and much more.

Dr. Webster engages in dialogue about teaching English to speakers of other languages.


Wednesday evening, local educators joined the Writing Educator’s Symposium for a Community Open House and Speaker Potpourri. What an inspirational evening it was, to hear from so many insightful, experienced, and engaging speakers all at once! Afterwards, authors signed books as attendees mingled and conversed with their fellow educators.


Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the Writing Educator’s Symposium was the wonderful fellowship with like-minded people. When so many individuals come together to pursue a common goal, the resulting vision and empowerment are truly remarkable. Most encouraging of all is the fact that those who gathered at Writing Educator’s Symposium this summer have a passion not only for writing and for the classroom, but for their students and for the truth.

As attendee Marci Lane says, “From becoming better thinkers, to clearer communicators, to entertaining fiction writers…the students we will nurture and mentor will make this world a better place.” This is the kind of impact that Writing Educator’s Symposium exists to enable.